The Great Indian Desert is the 9th largest sub continental desert and 18th in word. It forms a tough natural border between India and Pakistan, three forth of the desert is located within India, and the remaining 25% in Pakistan.

The desert comprises a very dry part, the Marusthali region in the west, and a semidesert region in the east with fewer sand dunes. Osian gives the first true glimpse of the desert to the traveller, with its beautiful dunes on one side and the rocky terrain on the other side make a mesmerise place. With abundance of wild life and clean dunes along with its rich culture and historical places make it a must visit destination to plan a holiday in Rajasthan.

Osian, an ancient small temple town in the Thar Desert, is located about 65 kms, North West of Jodhpur. Osian is a great centre of Brahmanical and Jain religions and contains the largest group of the Hindu and Jain temples in Rajasthan. These temples belong to the two periods, namely 8th century represented by nearly 12 temples and 12th century represented by 6 temples.

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